About Ojas Akolkar

Ojas has been a creative entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman for most of her adult life. With a Bachelor’s in Business and an Associate’s in Science, she has managed and led retail store operations, launched an artisanal retail store and pursued a healthcare career. Having lived in India, China, Mexico and the United States, she has been involved in many real estate transactions for personal and investment properties.

Ojas is acutely aware of the importance of finding a hands on, transparent and highly communicative realtor. She strives to provide exemplary customer service matched with real data and research to assist clients in those important negotiations and critical time sensitive decisions. Her own relocation experience has taught her that the best realtors are those who invest time upfront in understanding the clients and their unique situation and needs. Ojas believes that proactively researching and continuously offering options for clients can help deliver and often exceed their expectations.

When not pursuing continuing educational classes to keep herself current on industry trends and practices, Ojas loves tending to her 68 (and counting!) rescue plants, listening to podcasts while dishing out culinary delicacies or simply enjoying long walks on the beach. She lives in the gorgeous Suntree community in Melbourne with her husband and their teenage boy and looks forward to visits from her college bound older son!

Exemplifying a truly global competence, Ojas is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati